What is Smoking Detection Technology?

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In the ever-evolving landscape of hospitality, guest satisfaction and the use of innovative technologies are paramount. Rest (formerly NoiseAware) has built a privacy-safe property monitoring platform that saves short-term-rental property managers and hotel operators time and money. Rest allows operators to optimize guest experience, property occupancy and revenue, and minimize hassle and expense by detecting noise and smoking. 

The company has been solving noise issues in hospitality for over 7+ years and developed a sensor to detect smoking that has monitored over 2M nights in hotels and increased collection rates for large hotel brands. 

So what is smoking detection technology? 

Smoking detection technology is a smart sensor paired with a dashboard that can detect and report on any smoking indoors. The best smoking detection technology can detect combusted or vaporized tobacco, marijuana, and nicotine products so that all smoking products are covered.

The smoking detection technology designed by Rest alerts hotel staff to active smoking events in any room within the hotel and allows the staff to charge a smoking fine on that reservation. This not only ensures swift and effective enforcement of a hotel's no-smoking policy but also enables their team to impose smoking fines on the responsible guests confidently. 

Based on multiple sources approximately 17% of the population smokes cigarettes and e-cigarettes. When combined with the data that rest has gathered, we estimate that close to 5% of the smoking population is actively deciding to smoke inside their hotel room. And the majority of those individuals are not charged, effectively rendering the no-smoking policy unenforced.

The primary objective of Rest's technology is: to maintain a smoke-free environment for the 99%+ of guests who either do not smoke or, if they do, do so respectfully, outside of the hotel premises. 

Smoking Detection Technology: Revolutionizing Hotel Operations

This type of technology is simplifying and properly enforcing non-smoking policies in hotels.

Rest’s sensor specifically, is backed by years of development, and comprising tens of thousands of testing hours and validation procedures. The sensor continuously monitors numerous aspects of air quality in hotel rooms. Data from the sensors is streamed through a specialized algorithm designed to specifically detect combusted or vaporized tobacco, marijuana, and nicotine products. 

This innovation means that hotels and staff no longer need to rely solely on subjective methods like smell or guest complaints; instead, they can harness real-time, scientifically grounded data to make informed decisions.

Our team at Rest is well-equipped in the best practices of the hotel industry and is committed to assisting every hotel in seamlessly integrating our technology into their existing no-smoking policies and operational processes. Utilizing the technology also means being equipped and trained to run an operationally excellent process that has been tested and adopted by many large hotel brands.

From initial installation to comprehensive training, our team helps equip your hotel with Rest’s technology, enabling you to enforce your no-smoking policy with confidence creating a smoke-free hotel. 

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