Purpose-built for hotels

Detect smoking in every room, enforce your policy.

Easily enforce your no-smoking policy, collect fines with confidence, and become a truly smoke-free hotel with Rest.

Enforce Your No-Smoking Policy & Increase Profitability

Property Income & Asset Value
Property Cost Avoidance
Increased Guest Satisfaction
Employee Satisfaction

Smoking in hotels goes unenforced and
under detected

Despite no-smoking rules, many people still smoke in hotel rooms, undetected. Hotel staff often lack the tools to identify and confidently charge guests for these violations.

This not only affects the property's value but also impacts the overall guest experience and satisfaction.

That's where Rest comes in.


of guests prefer smoke-free rooms


of guests would pay more for a smoke-free room


of negative reviews mention residual smoke smells

1-2 days

to deep clean rooms after smoking


costs of cleaning a smoked-in room


of fines are collected without Rest

The Future of Smoke-Free Hotels

Rest offers a state-of-the-art smoking detection sensor, paired with a cloud-based platform and user-friendly dashboard.
Professional installation with Sonifi

Professionally Installed

Professional installation for scale at hotels

Our expert installation team quickly sets up your hotel with our sensors, saving you time and ensuring that you're live and ready for enforcement.

White Glove Service & Training

White glove service

We provide comprehensive training and support, utilizing our successful proprietary enforcement process. We create a simple-to-implement SOP tailored to your team's needs.

Consistent Collection on Smoking Violations

How it works

You and your team receive reports so you can consistently charge and collect on smoking violations that were once undetected or unenforced.

Why these hotels love Rest

Most hotels today are not truly smoke-free and without enforcing your hotels' policy, it's impossible to be a healthy smoke-free environment for all guests.

“Improved guest experience and satisfaction”

Hyatt Regency Bethesda has not only taken this process to the next level but improved guest experience and satisfaction through the implementation of Rest. The updates in real time as an event is taking place is unmatched and state of the art.

Amit Verma


“Simple to articulate smoking charges”

Accuracy and precision of the system ensured quick action on our behalf and avoided repeat smoking offenses by our guests, thus giving our team more time to focus on real guest experience components.

Alex Spektor

Managing Director, Millennium Downtown New York

“More ancillary revenue”

Rest's in-room smoking detection service has helped us capture more ancillary revenue while improving our guest experience. They've helped us streamline our smoking policy enforcement, making the service easy for our properties to implement.

Kirsten Snyder

Asset Manager, Woodbine Development

“Better air quality and cleanliness”

Since installing Rest, we have received astounding associate feedback by positively improving the work environment through better air quality and cleanliness.

Joseph Falco

VP of Operational Strategy & Integration, Highgate Hotels

“Greatly enhanced staff productivity”

By leveraging this platform, our staff's productivity has been greatly enhanced. The automation of the investigation process has streamlined our operations, resulting in quick detection of smoking events and reducing the possibility of repeat offenses.

Jonah Ritter

General Manager,  OYO Hotel and Casino Las Vegas

“Reduced number of events with residual contamination”

Rest's technology has been a game changer in immediately detecting smoking events and empowering our staff to promptly and discreetly address the situation.

Erik Palmer

VP of Operations, Park Central Hotel NY

Rest in your hotel? An absolute game-changer

Using Rest’s smoking detection technology is a win-win-win for everyone: owners, guests, and your team.

Increase in smoking fine revenue for hotels equipped with Rest smoke sensor
Incremental income opportunity, per room, per year
Stays protected
<5 mins 
Time to set up Rest, per room

Start Boosting Your Revenue and Guest Satisfaction

Discover how Rest can help you unlock a new revenue stream, maintain pristine rooms, and offer an unparalleled stay for your guests.