Smoking detection for hotels

Changing the way hotels enforce their no-smoking policy

Using Rest, hotels can confidently identify smoking in rooms, making sure every room stays clean and fresh.

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Easy to integrate, easy to manage

Using Rest’s smoking detection technology is a win-win-win for everyone: owners, guests, and your team.

Professional and quick installation, no maintenance

Automated policy enforcement and fee collection

Proprietary algorithm to detect smoking in rooms

Accurate smoking detection across multiple locations

"Rest’s in-room smoking detection service has helped us capture a lucrative ancillary revenue stream while also improving our guest experience. The Rest team helped us optimize our non-smoking enforcement SOPs and made it easy for our property to implement."

Kirsten Snyder

Asset Manager, Hotel Colee


of guests prefer smoke-free rooms


of guests would pay more for a smoke-free room


of negative reviews mention residual smoke smells

1-2 days

to deep clean rooms after smoking


costs of cleaning a smoked-in room


of fines are collected without Rest

The old way of smoking detection

Difficulty catching smokers in the act

Delayed or missed enforcement

Inability to confidently fine violators

Risk of chargebacks

Inconsistent policy enforcement 

Loss of trust with guests

84x more smoking fine revenue with Rest

Hotels and rooms equipped with Rest smoking detection generate >84x more in fee income.

*6-month study results with different hotels

PAR Fees collected per room
Total fees collected



Fee collections per hotel


Fee collections per room


Total fee collections

Hotel room with smoking detection

Elevate your hotel experience

Provide smoke-free rooms

Increase guest loyalty

Preserve property value

Simplify policy enforcement


Find answers to frequently asked questions about Rest's smoking detection technology, installation, and support.

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How does it work?

Rest's sensor utilizes an advanced algorithm to continuously monitor the air quality in hotel rooms. When any presence of combusted or vaporized tobacco, marijuana, or nicotine is detected, it immediately alerts the hotel staff, so they can take swift action and assign smoking charges.

How is the Rest sensor installed?

Our partners at Sonifi take care of the installation of the sensor in your hotel, ensuring strategic placement to effectively detect smoking. Each technician can install Rest in 50+rooms per day at prepared hotels.

What support is available?

From the moment you decide to implement Rest, our team is here to guide you through the setup and integration. We offer training sessions for your staff, including how the sensors and software work and how to maintain guest satisfaction while ensuring adherence to the no-smoking policy.

Is it worth the investment?

Absolutely. Hotels equipped with Rest have seen an 84x increase in smoking fine collection. Plus, our smoking detection technology helps prevent damage to rooms and reduce a number of future violations.

Can Rest work for my hotel?

Whether you have a small boutique hotel or a big hotel chain, Rest's system can scale to fit your needs, making sure you're always a top priority.

Is it accurate?

Yes. Our sophisticated smoking detection algorithm has been tested for accuracy in real-world scenarios, backed by years of development, and tens of thousands of hours of rigorous testing and validation. 

How do you handle guest privacy?

Rest strictly adheres to privacy standards to mitigate any legal risks. All communications are end-to-end encrypted. Additionally, we provide an optional noise detection feature designed with privacy in mind.

Boost revenue and keep guests happy

Let us guide you on how to effectively enforce your no-smoking rules while providing a pleasant stay for your guests.